Drop Ship with Us

Want to start your own business but somehow lack product sources? Here’s an opportunity for you – drop ship with us! 

No need to set up your own stock. You start today to focus on selling as many categories or products as possible, leaving the rest of the work to us. Plus no worries about shipping. You sell, we ship!

Why Drop Ship with Tashells?

  • Instant access to 10K+ products at lowest prices
    ● Product description by TASHELLS's copywriters and large non-watermark sharp pictures by photographers
    ● Backend especially optimized for drop shippers
    ● Zero inventory needed on your side
    ● Zero care of shipping - TASHELLSarranges it
    ● Constant customer service from TASHELLS

How it works?

All packages from tashells.com are sent without tashells logo for any information indicating Tashells.com.

For orders

  • Sell Tashellsproducts on your own store / Facebook.
    ● Select product(s) on Tashellsand add to the shopping cart after your customer ordered on your site.
    ● Fill in your customer’s address and complete the payment.
    ● Tashells will prepare your order and ship out to your customer directly.